Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The moment we've all been waiting for...

This morning at about 11am I went to check the mail and found a big, white envelope addressed to Sister Amie Brillaine Morey... MY MISSION CALL! I could hardly believe I was holding it in my hands! But with surprising calm I walked back to my apartment and put it on my bed to wait till I could open it later with my family and friends. My roommates thought I was crazy to be able to handle the temptation to open it right then and there! Honestly, it wasn't that hard. I've waited for years... I could wait for a few more hours. :)

I waited patiently the rest of the day until I got out of class at 6:30 and made the fateful walk home. Soon I would be opening my call. As I walked slowly I said a silent prayer pleading with Heavenly Father that I would be satisfied with wherever I was called and that I would know that that was where He needed me. In that moment I felt so vulnerable--my future for the next 18 months would be governed by whatever was in that letter--but at the same time I felt so much peace and calm. I was completely in the Lord's hands. After all I've been through to get to this point I knew He wouldn't blow it now. I felt a quiet reassurance that I would not be disappointed.

When I got home I found out that my roommate, Janey, had picked up some finger food and treats to celebrate the monumental occasion. It made me so happy that my roommates were just excited as I was and wanted to make it a special occasion. We had fun making cookies, preparing the food and cleaning the apartment in preparation for all the guests to arrive.

At about 7:45 people started to show up and my excitement quickly escalated. Once everyone had arrived I made assignments for people to call other family and friends who couldn't be there but wanted to hear it live. I have to admit, it was pretty funny to see so many cell phones everywhere (there were 9 people on the phone!). It was amazing to think that people all over the globe were anticipating this moment and wanted to participate, even if it was just over the phone. I couldn't help but feel so loved as many of the people I love most were gathered both in my apartment and elsewhere, just to be there for this important event.

Finally, it was time to open my mission call... the moment I had been working towards and anticipating for so many years. My mom captured the moment perfectly in this movie...

TAIWAN TAICHUNG MISSION speaking MANDARIN!!! I can't even describe all the thoughts and feelings that were rushing through my head! But in the midst of all the excitement and commotion, I felt a distinct and overwhelming feeling that Heavenly Father knows and loves me perfectly. My mission call was indeed a manifestation of that, just as I believed it would be.

As I grew up in Asia, I grew to love the Chinese people. That love instilled in me a desire to learn Mandarin so I could one day teach the Gospel to them in their own language. The Gospel has brought such incredible happiness into my life, I just wanted to share it so badly with the people I love so much! Heavenly Father knew that, and has blessed me with the opportunity to have that desire and dream fulfilled. Now I can see He has been preparing and guiding me all along. I know it wasn't chance that my childhood was spent moving all over Asia (mostly to Chinese countries). I know it was divine intervention at times when I had impressions to continue learning Mandarin, even when it made no sense in my schooling and I wanted to give up because it was so difficult. I know the quiet whispers to my heart that I would someday be able to share my testimony with and serve the Chinese people weren't just my own thoughts and wishes. When I read my mission call, all the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together so perfectly and everything felt so right. It was almost as if I had known it all along.

I am so humbled by this call to serve as a missionary. I cannot express the gratitude I have for the blessings I've received through the Gospel and for the chance I now have to share that with others over the next 18 months, and the throughout the rest of my life. I will serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength and teach my brothers and sisters the happiness that comes from living the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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