Monday, October 25, 2010

2nd Letter from MTC, 10.25.2010

October 25, 2010

My dear, dear family!

Thank you SO much for all your letters! Dear Elder is working out great! I found out that if you send one before noon, it gets here on the same day :) Except for weekends--then it doesn't get here till after emailing time is done. And YES! Emailing is stressful!! It's like a race every week and even if someone touches you you freak out! Ha ha, but it's all good :) I'm glad I even get the opportunity to email :)

Oh my goodness, thank you for the PACKAGE!! I just about died when I opened it... it took me straight back to Taiwan!! Especially the choco-pies. I remembered that whenever I found one of those in my lunchbox it TOTALLY made my day! The other sisters went crazy too and the sisters that had never been to Asia at all were really excited to try everything. Oh, and thanks for including the penguin--Jake was inspired, cuz that was my favorite part :P

I can't believe I leave 3 WEEKS from tomorrow! It's flown by so fast. But yes, I'm grateful I'll get an extra transfer in Taiwan. Mom asked where my companions were from: Sister Fleming is from West Jordan, Sister Demordaunt is from Idaho (although she travelled internationally till she was 12; one of the countries was Japan!) and Sister DeVictoria is from California. I'm growing to love each of them more and more. We also have Korean missionaries on our floor, so every time we pass them I think of mom's "onions on your sneakers" so thanks for that, mom!! We also have Thais on our floor so it's fun to pass them saying "Sawadee kaaa" :)

Funny story: this Saturday as we were teaching in the TRC we had 2 native Taiwanese women. The situation we were given was that one of their husbands had passed away so we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation and that she can find hope through the Atonement. We were teaching them how to pray so they could know that God was there and that He knew their struggles and so they could feel His love. ...finish later...

This week has been harder. I didn't feel like I was making as much progress as I wanted to and I started to get discouraged. It seemed like everything came crashing down all at once. But my companions were extremely helpful and took the time to listen to all my concerns and disappointments and really helped me get through it. Ultimately they helped me realize that Heavenly Father was helping me be humble and that this was a growing opportunity. The next day one of my teachers pulled me aside for an interview and read a scripture to me that completely addressed how I was feeling. It was Alma 32:40-43 (read it). Basically my teacher said to me that I shouldn't abandon the nourishing process just because you don't see the fruit yet. It is through faith, diligence and patience (repeated 3 times in 3 different verses!) that you reap the rewards. As I've turned my focus to faith, diligence, and patience instead of the things I can't say yet, I've discovered that more words are sticking than I thought, and I've been making a lot of progress. REALLY. Multiple times each day a word comes to my mind along with a little voice saying, "See, it's because you're being diligent and patient, and you have the faith." Sometimes we just need to be humbled so we recognize we need the Lord's help. I'm so grateful for that humbling experience that has helped me to grow more than I could have otherwise.

I love you so much. Thank you for your prayers. People keep reminding us that so many people are praying for us, and each time I think of you. I keep praying for you too. By the way, Elder Nelson spoke at our Tuesday Devotional and he said that the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve say thank you to the families for all of the missionaries here. I also say thank you. Keep going. The Church is True :)


Sister Morey

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