Monday, September 19, 2011

Miracles Come in All Shapes and Colors‏

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! There's a card on its way... sorry it's a little late though! Sometimes the preparation days just pass by too quickly! Sounds like you were able to have a wonderful celebration though :)
I just LOVE my trainee, Sister Gibson. She's so diligent and hard-working and loves teaching and learning. Her language is fantastic considering she started from scratch at the MTC and is progressing rapidly. I feel so blessed to be her trainer.
This week has been challenging as many of our progressing investigators were sick, but it also opened up some opportunities to find more. This week was full of miracles! The best one of the week was on Thursday when all of our scheduled appointments fell through--I know it's kind of ironic. But that morning Sister Gibson told me, "I kinda feel like we need to find someone with a blue shirt today," so when we went out we stopped and talked toeveryone with a blue shirt or coat or whatever, as well as everyone in between! We went out of our way to find whoever that person was supposed to be. Although many people turned us down we didn't get discouraged because we knew someone was out there that we had to find! In the end we went WAY out of our way, even though it was on accident, to find who we were supposed to. We were a little short on time to get to a less active member's house (that we hadn't been to before) and so in effort to get there quicker we took a "short cut" around the lake. It got us there pretty quick, and we were totally going to have enough time, until we found out that the road we were looking for wasn't anywhere in sight. We stopped to ask for directions and the first people weren't able to help us. As we turned back to our bikes I noticed a couple that had just pulled up to the red light in front of us and I decided to ask them for help. They were incredibly friendly and knew exactly where the road was--on the opposite side we thought we were going to! Yikes! But we were grateful for their help and as they were about to go I had the thought to look at what color the mom's shirt was... it was baby blue!! All the sudden I had an urgency to set up a time to meet, and surprisingly they were really accepting and willing! We set up to meet their family in a week, and when we turned away to go back to the other side of the lake Sister Gibson said, "Wow, I'm impressed you were so diligent at sharing the gospel with them even when we were just asking for directions." I had a big smile and replied, "Did you notice what color her shirt was?"
I love being a missionary. We get to experience moments of such pure joy that almost move me to tears. Such moments especially come when we meet with dear Zhuang jiemei, who is coming up on 2 months of being baptized. She has such a sweet testimony and powerful faith. As we met with her this week I had the thought, "Whenever my parents get the chance to come meet the people I served I know they will just love to talk with Zhuang jiemei." So, I hope you get the chance some day :)
I just love being a missionary! All the love a missionary can send home,
<3 Sister Morey <3

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