Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Power of Faith‏

Family Family!! 
It's so weird to think I'm writing my last email home as a missionary. It's just so crazy! Kind of surreal. But despite all thepassing thoughts and feelings about returning home, this has been another great week laboring in the field of missionary work! I promise, I'm still giving it my all :)
 This week I learned a lot of things. I know I reported a lot of amazing things that were happening on behalf of the people we're teaching, and by no means are any of those events any less miraculous, but of course, as in any road that's worth traveling, there's been a few unexpected twists and turns and walls to scale and overcome. I realized that's a lot like life. Many times things are just going so smoothly, almost to good to be true, and then out of no where challenges come that seem super hard to overcome. But, in looking back throughout my mission, I've seen that each one of those times there were ways and strength provided to overcome them as I just did my best to live the gospel and trusted in the Lord. So, even though it'd be tempting to get discouraged at the challenges our investigators are facing, I've just learned to face it all with faith, do all we can, and even if it doesn't work the first (or second!) time, just keep trusting that the Lord will prepare a way. Sometimes the Lord tests our patience and perseverance! And, yes, Dad, just like you said, my mission is ending in a very happy way. I'm not getting down by the challenges we're facing (fasting helps a lot)! It's just all part of the adventure :) I've been blessed to be a part of so many people's conversions here, and even if they're still not baptized before I leave, I will always consider them my converts, once they get baptized! Gangshan is a blessed place!!
Oh my goodness, those conference address clips you sent me are AMAZING. Seriously, it's JUST what the world needs, our investigators and recent converts and ward needs, and exactly what I need. It's so unfathomable to me how the Lord's servants are so in tune to be able to answer such widespread but such initmate and personal questions. It just goes to witness the truth of this work, and how much the Lord loves His people. I'm SUPER excited to listen to it all. Sister Watterson and I have been inviting EVERYONE we can to attend, promising them that something would speak to their heart and answer many of their questions. I have absolutely no doubt that those who attend will experience just that.
Just a few random things before I come home. Dad, thank you SO much for taking care of all my schedule stuff. Don't worry about the fall schedule, it's like that EVERY time I do it too. Yes, it'll all work out by the time school starts. Thanks for getting me something to work with though! I really appreciate it :) Also, I don't know how much money is in by debit account, but I know we'll need some emergency money for travelling home. I just want to make sure there's enough in there. :) Thanks!!
Mom, Dad, Adam, Jake and Jordan, I'm SOOOOOO excited to see you in a week! I cannot wait to give each of you big hugs at the airport!! I miss you and love you SOOOOO much!! See you soon :)
Absolutely ALL of my love,
Sister Morey :)

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