Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moscow, Idaho!

Oh my goodness, I LOVE being a missionary, especially where I'm serving! I really didn't know what it would be like to serve a state-side mission, English speaking, but it's WONDERFUL! My compaions are awesome, the Mission President and his wife are amazing, and the people here are wonderful. I felt so welcome the moment I stepped foot out of the airplane walkway.
It's cold here, and snowing a lot, although not as much as it's snowing in Draper!! I'm so incredibly grateful for the coat, gloves and boots Sister Palmer lent me, and the hat my companion is letting me borrow :) I bought a sweater today, which will also help a lot. I have kinda mixed feelings as I think about how long my visa will take to get here. I want it to get here fast so I can get out of the cold (at least it won't be snowing there!!), but it makes me want to cry when I think of leaving the people we've taught so far. They are all so incredible, and we've seen lots of miracles happen this week to help them progress. The best part was when Jessyka, a married student with an adorable daughter, decided to get baptized! She's been investigating for about 3 years and used to be an atheist, so it's truly a miracle. We promised her that if she would give up all the things that were holding her back from baptism (drinking wine, being scared of opposition from her family), the Lord would give her all the strength she needed to overcome those obstacles and that she would get her answer. So she's putting it to the test, and she'll be baptized on December 31st as her new year's resolution. We know she'll receive all the blessings we promised if she's faithful. That's always the pattern of the Lord. What a comfort to know that when we do our part, the Lord will always do His.
It's been nothing less than a miracle to use my Chinese here. I really didn't think there would be many Chinese people here, but they're all over the place! It's almost like they jump out of no where, just because I'm part of the companionship! It started from day one. The day I got there was P-day so we only went out tracting from 7-9 (we had dinner with a member before that). We chose an apartment complex and after we knocked on the first door one of my companions puched me up the step and said, "there ya go, sister!" I knew that was coming, but still, it's different hearing about companions doing that on your first night out than them actually doing it! But no one answered. We tried a few more doors, and after 5 doors and a rejection, we tried another door, which to my complete surprise was someone from China! I could hardly believe it... we found them within 10 minutes of my first time tracting in the field! It was then that I KNEW I was sent to the right place and that it was NO coincidence I was sent here. I stammered with my Chinese, trying the best I could to introduce ourselves and share my testimony. The Chinese man was very nice and seeing I was trying so hard, but not quite getting it he said, "Oh, come in." I could hardly believe it! We continued to talk, and although he said it was hard for him to believe in God because he'd been raised all his life to believe otherwise, he would let us come back and teach once his wife and daughter arrived on December 2nd. I'm hoping and praying like crazy that they will be open and their whole family will want to learn the gospel.
I've had several other opportunities to speak Chinese, as well as witness many miracles with the rest of our English-speaking investigators. It's amazing to see how the Gospel blesses and changes people's lives. It's incredible to see so many miracles, witness prayers being answered, and have people's lives change before our eyes on a daily basis. The Gospel is true, and my testimony gets strengthened every day. There's nothing that could convince me otherwise, because I can't deny the way I feel when I live and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness. It's the biggest blessing in my life, only second to being able to serve the Lord full time!
I love you all so much, and I miss you all. Thank you so much for your letters because I love hearing how each of you are doing and what's going on at home. I pray for each of you a lot, and know that the Lord will bless you in greater measure, especially as you turn to Him. He is the ultimate source of peace, comfort, strength and lasting happiness.
All my love,
Sister Morey :)

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