Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miracles & Mexican Food :)

Today Sister Chu and I are going to eat Mexican food for lunch (her favorite) :) That should be really fun! We're not really sure, but we're expecting her to get transferred this next week because she's been here for 5 move-calls! I've really enjoyed serving with her. She's taught me a lot of Chinese, as well as a love for missionary work. She's helped me be happy through the hard times, and has laughed and sung songs with me through the joyous times! One of the miracles that has happened as we've been together is that even though at the end of the day it looks like our numbers are low, somehow by the end of the week we reach our goals (or at least get close!). Sister Chu has taught me that if you just do your best and get to work, the Lord helps you meet your goals.

We had a few miracles, one of which I already I told you about (the part-member family who we found someone to go visit them with and it ended up being the perfect match for them). Another miracle was that our investigator who is planning on getting baptized in 2 weeks said he wouldn't be able to come to church this week because of a special work conference, but he showed up to sacrament meeting yesterday! We were ecstatic! Sometimes it's really hard to see how things will all work out, but when little things like that happen I know that the Lord is working on our side and that we just have to be patient. We can do all we can, and then leave it in the hands of the Lord. He'll make the miracles happen. I just pray for them to happen more often :)

This week we also got to meet with a former investigator who has been on and off for about 2 years. She's a mother with 2 kids and has a strong desire to lead her family closer to God. Her concern is that she doesn't want to join on her own--she wants her whole family to be in the same church, especially her husband. The miracle was that by the end of the lesson, she decided on her own that she wanted to pray and read every day at a specific time in order to receive help from Heavenly Father--we didn't even have to tell her! We'll keep praying for her and that she will have the strength to lead her whole family to the church. I know the gospel blesses families immeasurably!

I know you've heard about the earthquake in Japan. I didn't feel it here, although yesterday there was a little tremmor during one of our lessons. Nothing big though. I'm glad to hear that all the missionaries in Japan are safe! My heart goes out to all those who are suffering because of this tragedy. Lots of people have been asking about our views about why things like that happen. There are many possible reasons, and it's impossible for us to know all the reasonings of the Lord, but this I know, that Heavenly Father loves His children. If anything, this tragedy is a way for people to be humble, turn to the Lord for healing and help, and has given an opportunity for many others to reach out and give service. The Lord works His miracles and shows His love through others--each of us. I hope that the poeple of Japan will be able to feel His love, and be able to re-build their lives on an even stronger foundation, Jesus Christ, the love and light of the world.

All my love,

Sister Morey :)

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