Monday, July 25, 2011

Popcorn, Tricycles, and More Baptisms!

This week was another really intense and crazy week! I've really missing popcorn lately and I told Sister Brownell that you can pop popcorn in a paper bag and she was astounded that it would work even if it wasn't the commercial kind (as I was when I first found out) :P So, last Monday I decided to buy popcorn and show her, but when I realized that we didn't have any paper bags (I don't even think they have them at grocery stores here) we had to get creative. Finally I found out that a small cereal box works just as well :) Needless to say, we had popcorn a lot this week :) I also made some chocolate cake mix cookies which were a big hit among everyone we shared them with, especially all the missionaries. Even the Relief Society presidency was so impressed they asked me to make more for their activity next month, and they'll provide the funds. YESSSS!! What a happy week!! 
We got dumped on several times this week because there was a typhoon in the area. But it was WAY fun!! Sister Brownell and I LOVE riding in the pouring rain, as long as we don't have to open our bags when contacting people, haha. We really had so much fun. The only thing was that we knew if it kept raining all the way till Sunday it would drastically affect church attendance (Taiwanese people hate going out in the rain) so we prayed the heavy rains would pass before the weekend. We were happy to see the sun was shining brightly on Friday and stayed that way till Sunday. We had 10 investigators at church, which is a record for my entire mission so far! I love it when Heavenly Father answers our prayers like that :)
This week was mostly crazy because we have SOOOO many investigators, it's ridiculous! It keeps us on our toes just to keep track of them all. Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much lately and we've been handed investigators left and right; we hardly have to go out contacting to find more on the street! At one point in the week we had to go on splits because there were just too many lessons for the two of us to handle. Heavenly Father is really opening the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings on us!!
Last week we found out that two young women in the ward are not actually members because of parental fan dui, so we've been working closely with them to exercise faith on their part and ours to help soften the hearts of their parents, especially their dad. Sister Brownell and I have been learning the power of fasting over the last month and so we invited all of the Young Women (who are all their good friends) to join with us in a fast to help them get baptized. We're meeting with their family tonight. I hope with all my heart their parents will be able to feel of the love of the Savior and the blessings the gospel can bring to their family.
The fun thing about yesterday was going to pick up one of our investigators for church. Her name is Dinny. She's 7 years old and she's basically a Chinese version of Becky Christensen. She's soooo funny, wild, sweet, loves to do service, and loves the Book of Mormon. It's crazy how much her mannerisms really remind me of Becky. We went to go visit her on Saturday and since she had a friend over to play we got to have a lesson with her friend too! After we sang the opening song, Dinny taught Tina how to pray by having her repeat the words after her. So precious :) Then Dinny invited her friend to church! Yesterday when we went to pick them up they were both waiting for us in their cute little dresses. Dinny has a pink tricycle with an extra big seat so two people can sit on it. It was the cutest thing to see them both riding to church with us. Sister Brownell and I were laughing the whole time, especially when Dinny said, "Wait for me! This person is really heavy!!" We ended up pushing them most of the way there :P Once we got there, Dinny took Tina straight to the Primary room, and when they found that the teachers hadn't arrived yet Dinny took Tina on a tour of the Chapel. We didn't even have to worry about either of them! It was so cute to watch :)
The happiest part of the entire week was Zhuang jie mei's baptism. We just absolutely adore her! Her testimony is so sweet and pure, and she's here to stay. We talked a lot with her about enduring to the end and we've already set a goal to help her go on the Stake temple trip on August 13th! It was kind of stressful right before the baptism because we found out a lot of things weren't actually prepared when we thought they had been taken care of, and there weren't even the right baptismal clothes... but we searched and searched and finally found some ones that would work. I was a little nervous about how the service would go, but once the meeting started and the speakers started sharing what they prepared, the Spirit filled the room and I felt like it would all be ok. It was a spiritual feast, and Zhuang jie mei was so happy. Elder Palmer, the elder who referred her to us performed the baptism, which made it extra special for all of us. Zhuang jie mei was sooooBrownell and I were delighted to :)

Yesterday when she got confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints she was promised some marvelous blessings and it was touching how the blessing was so personal to her--I don't even know if the brother performing the ordinance had any idea. Afterwards when I asked her how it feels to have the Holy Ghost she said with a big smile on her face, "So happy!" I then told her that now all she has to do is keep listening to that voice and He'll lead her back to Heavenly Father.
I just love being a missionary!! It's very hard at times and it's super intense. It takes all of our effort to stay focused and be able to receive the revelation necessary to help meet the needs of our investigators. But it's all worth it. I've felt angels working beside us, Heavenly Father helping us know how to resolve the concerns of His children, Jesus Christ strengthening us when we were weak, and the Spirit reminding us of important things when there were too many things to keep track of ourselves. Missionary work is amazing and such a blessing. I know this gospel is true with all my heart and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share it each and every day.
I love you all so much!! Keep smiling and living in the "manner of happiness," for truly it is the happiest thing to be living according to the principles of the restored gospel.
All my love,
Sister Morey :)

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  1. Sis Morey! I just came across your blog on the website! I just loved serving with you. You're such a shining example to me. So fun to look back at this! I still use the popcorn trick you taught me. Look at us now we are both married and have two kids and are opposite sides of the country, haha. Crazy how time flies. I love you sister! hugs, Sister Bei