Wednesday, August 3, 2011

P-Day Fun, Sister Exchanges, & Language!

I was soooo happy to see all those cool pictures from the family reunion and Trek. Oh my goodness, trek sounded like it was so amazing. I remember my own trek experience, one evening in particular that I was the coldest I'd ever been in my life and I was filled with gratitude for all the pioneers that had to do it without as many blankets, clothes and socks as I had. I remember feeling the Spirit so strongly throughout the whole experience and my testimony being strengthened immensely. 

This week was another wonderful one! We got to go on an adventure with one of our friends, Mo Bu (a new member in the next area over) to a place that has all sorts of fun things painted on the walls that you can take pictures with. I sent a few fun ones :) Needless to say, we had a great time!

Cool thing, this week I met someone who remembers Dad from when he served his mission in Taipei!! Her last name is Lin (sorry that doesn't help very much cuz there's TONS with that xing), and she said she'd email you this week, so watch for it :) She served her mission about 2 years before you, dad, but she remembers you because you served in the area she lived. She said when she saw me she wondered if we were related, and then when she looked at my name tag she knew we were! I loved making that connection with her and her telling me about what she remembered about you. I'm proud to be your daughter!! This xing, Mi, has become very meaningful to me as I've been out here following in your footsteps. I love you, dad :)
I also found out some awesome news. One of the investigators I got to teach in my first area got baptized this Saturday! Her name is Angelique (from America, teaching English) and she's been an investigator for a looooong time. I was shocked she finally made the decision to get baptized, but I was SOOO happy to find out! I know it will continue to change her life. I'm so excited to write her a letter and find out the rest of the story.
On Tuesday we got to go on Sister Exchanges, which is always one of my most favorite days of the move-call. I got to go with Sister Cooper from Washington D.C. which was an absolute blast! She is just hilarious, and we had a lot to talk about since she's traveled all over the world too. And we had more fun riding in the rain. It was completely hot and sun-shiny when we left in the morning, but by the afternoon it suddenly started POURING to the point where when we stopped at a stoplight we were in water up to our ankles! We also got to eat dinner at a fun place in her area where they sold bao zi with chocolate in the middle!! They also had cheese/pineapple ones which was basically like eating Hawaiian pizza without the tomato sauce. Soooo good :) We also had lots of miracles happen... Sister exchanges are just awesome!
Sister Cooper is such a good example to me and I was able to learn a lot from her. I took the opportunity to ask her a lot of questions about being a senior companion/trainer because I will most likely be making the jump to senior in 3 weeks when Sister Brownell goes home. CRAZY!!! I'm going to miss Sister Brownell SOOOOO much. We've been through so much together and have become really close. We've grown a lot together, have worked hard together and have seen miracles together. We're going to work SO hard these next 3 weeks and we're hoping with all of our hearts to have many of our current investigators ready for baptism the week before she leaves. It's very likely that we'll have at least a few!
Heavenly Father has been blessing us SO much lately with a ton of investigators. We had 14 at church this week! We keep getting blown away by the success Heavenly Father is giving to us. Right now we're especially working with the Chen family (a girl our age and her older brother... and maybe her mother, if she's willing to soften her heart), the Luo family (a mother with 3 daughters that are all absolutely golden), and Alexandra (a Young Woman who has been investigating for years but hasn't been able to get her dad's permission to get baptized). We've been seeing lots of miracles happen to help these people progress!
Zhuang Jie Mei has also been making the transition to being a new member very nicely. She's been coming to the ward activities, has made more friends in the ward, and will even be going on the Stake Temple Trip on the 13th! We love her SOOOO much, and she's so cute. She's started to call us "bao bei" which means something like precious baby, a really endearing term here :) AND, when we went to eat fried rice at her shop today for lunch she refused to let us pay!! I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH!!! We're so blessed to be her "fu yin jie mei" (what they call the sisters that help them get baptized).
Hahaha, I guess it all depends on who you talk to!
I'm so grateful to be a missionary! I LOVE IT!! Yeah, it's hard. We've been having to step up our game with all of Satan's opposition trying to get keep our many precious investigators from making it to enduring conversion, but it's been such a blessing too because it's given us an opportunity to work even more closely with the Lord. I know He's helping us every step of the way. There'd be NO way any of this work would be able to get done if it was just us two terribly inadequate and imperfect sisters. Only with Him can we do His work, and when it's done that way, the blessings are immense. I love being a missionary so much!
Sister Morey

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