Monday, June 13, 2011

Ferris Wheels... Skirts... and Smiles!

Another week has passed, and another group of miracles has taken place! Oh, I love being a missionary! Even with it's ups and (sometimes really low) downs, the tender mercies of the Lord always seem to shine through and bring hope to keep going.

The highlight of this week was the baptism of our dear friend Liu Jia Ci! She is one of the sweetest, and most hilarious people EVER, and both Sister Brownell and I love her to pieces! And the rest of the ward does too! She's been so blessed to have formed really strong friendships with the ward members, which played a big role in her conversion. The biggest hoop she had to jump was paying tithing because she gives 80% of her income to her family, but after lots of faith building and promising a lot of blessings, she finally committed. Out of all the investigators I've had the blessing to help get baptized, she's by far one of the most prepared. Her baptismal service was so special because of that.

She was so funny when we told her the night before that she had to wear a skirt to the baptismal service and she refused to do so (she's never worn one before!) but with a lot of loving persuasion and encouragement from us and the members, she wore one that Sister Brownell brought and gave her to wear every Sunday from here on out :) She was so nervous before her baptism, but she calmed a little as we prayed with her right before she went into the font, and when she came out she was absolutely beaming! When we asked her how she felt she said, "I want to laugh!" So we told her go ahead :) She was just so happy the rest of the night, and it was incredible to see how many members were there to support her because they love her so much! YAAAAAY!!!

Sorry I don't have time to write much else because I took some extra time to write to others this week, but it's been good! We also got to take a preparation day adventure to ride a ferris-wheel with one of my most favorite people in all of Taiwan: Xiu. She lives in my first area but travels all the time to be with the missionaries whenever she has a day off. I love her to pieces!

Anway, I love being a missionary, I love the gospel, and I love each of you. Thank you all for loving and supporting me so much. I've felt it strengthen me a lot.

All my love,
Sister Morey :)

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