Sunday, June 5, 2011

Waaaay Too Many Blessings to Count!

I've heard the weather has been crazy everywhere this year... just proof that it's getting closer and closer to the Second Coming! I keep hearing of more and more crazy things with nature (like a tornado in New Taibei?! Since when did Taiwan have tornadoes?) and every time I just think, "yep, it's the signs of the times!" I'm just grateful that I have a gospel perspective. It's kinda interesting because there have been several times when I've contacted people on the street and the one question they ask is "what do you believe about the end of the world?" Then I just simply share that I don't know when it'll be, but that we have a living prophet that tells us how to prepare and live in a way that we don't have to fear. That is such a comfort to me. As for the weather over there, I hope it gets warmer and less rainy for you!

We've had a much cooler week with lots of rain, too, and I hear a typhoon might be on the way. It's really "fun" being a missionary in the tropics! I say "fun" because sometimes it really does get unbearably hot and I sweat like I've never sweated before, and the rain really is a "ma fan" (inconvenience) when you're trying to contact people on the street, BUT there are fun times in the rain, too :) The first day it rained, Sister DeVictoria and I had planned to go tracting (without having any idea about the weather) and right when we parked our bikes, it started POURING. Sister DeVictoria and I just looked at each other and started to laugh! Luckily we had rain gear, but the bottom of my skirt and my shoes still got soaked. But you know me, I love playing in the rain, so it was more of an adventure than a disappointment :)

As for our investigators, this week was really stressful because there was a mom and her son who were going to get baptized this weekend (the one that just passed) but the mom ended up having a huge tithing problem and no matter how hard we tried to resolve her concerns she just simply wouldn't believe that God would make everyone pay a set amount of 10%. We were really really sad when she said we wasn't going to get baptized because of it, and even though we wanted to help her still get baptized with her son, after lots of praying we felt it would be best to give her a rest, strengthen her faith more in Christ, and help her set her own baptismal goal. That was the big heartache of the week, but we still love her! It really helped Sister DeVictoria and I to study and ponder more about how to help people build their testimonies in Christ and progress towards baptism.

There's something WAY exciting that's happening this week, and that is we have a meeting for the entire mission this week with some visiting General Authorities, including Elder Watson :) I can't wait! It'll be such a sweet reunion with all my companions and the other missionaries I love so much, as well as a spiritual feast, and a nice visit with our old family friend. Oh, I just love being a missionary, the gospel, and being associated with so many incredible people all over the world!!! I have waaaay too many blessings to count :)

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