Monday, August 22, 2011

I've Never Heard an Elder Scream Like That!‏

Ok, so funny story of the week :D One day as Sister Brownell and I were sitting on the couch near the front doors to the chapel we saw this HUGE spider coming for us and we jumped and screamed and ran away shocked from seeing such a big spider!! The Zone Leaders had just left so I went out and asked them if they'd mind helping us with something. Of course, them being the sweet missionaries that they are they were super willing. One of them was talking on the phone as I explained what we needed help with and when we walked in the door and I pointed out the problem, the Elder on the phone started walking straight toward it. When he was about 3 feet away he finally saw what the problem was and screamed, jumped and ran to the other side of the room!! I thought it was SOOOO funny and what made it even better was what he told the person on the phone, "wo mei yo ren zhen ting ta men shuo sheme!" ("I wasn't listening very carefully to what they were saying!"). I just about died of laughter! But to his saving grace he played an active role in getting that spider out of the church, including kicking it 3 times till it started playing dead, and then picking it up with a paper towel and moving him outside (along with a few more squeals, haha). Then when they were about ready to leave he came back and said, "Thanks for letting me serve you in that way.... Just don't tell anyone else that I screamed, ok?" I just couldn't help put poke some fun and reply, "You mean like that one time you fell off your bike?" I just laughed even harder when his companion questioned his as to what I was talking about. Oh, that was one of the funniest moments of my mission :)

Well, this week was just about one of the most joyful weeks of my life!! We had FIVE baptisms this week, including Luo jie mei and her precious little girls. The other was Lu jie mei who is such an incredible example of faith to me. She had some major trials of her faith this week (that I can really relate to) but she was able to overcome them through prayer, and singing a few hymns. :) She shared with us such a sweet testimony that on the other side she could just see that it was Satan lying to her, and her faith in Jesus Christ and His gospel was strengthened. I love each one of our new members soooooo much.

Yesterday was so sweet as I watched so many of the members express their love for Sister Brownell since it was her last Sunday on the Island. So many people gave her gifts (and I even got a few too!) and we were both just so full of joy and peace about the work we had done together here. I just love her SOOOO much. I cried when I dropped her off at the train station today. But, I am SOOO happy to have Sister Smith from Alpine, Utah as my new companion! I love her so much already and we are going to grow so much together. I'm so excited to teach with her and to get to know her better and serve her!... and I'll have to tell you more about her next week cuz my time is almost running out. But, big news is that I'm now Senior Companion! AHHHH!! It's kinda crazy to think that I'm the "da tong ban" now, but it's been so comforting to hear President Bishop express his confidence in me in fulfilling this role. I'm so grateful for Heavenly Father teaching and preparing me so carefully. I've prayed a lot and I've received very personal and specific answers. It's been so sweet to hear Heavenly Father giving me so many peaceful feelings about the transition.

The biggest tender mercy was when I asked the Zone Leaders to give me a Priesthood Blessing concerning the matter. I had prayed and fasted that I would be able to receive the comfort and counsel that I needed and that I would be able to hear it as if Heavenly Father were speaking to me. Elder Palmer performed the blessing at my request and it was one of the most powerful Priesthood Blessings I've had in my life as he clearly addressed each one of the things I was concerned about, as well as spoke about the desires of my heart recently to have my words be powerful, and to be able to stay in tune with Heavenly Father. It was absolutely perfect. I felt so strengthened and peaceful, and I'm not worried at all. I KNOW the Lord is with me.
So far it doesn't seem like that big of a difference being senior companion, but maybe that's just because it's only been a few hours. BUT, there already has been one super big miracle! This morning at the train station I got a random phone call that went a little like this:
"Wei, wo shi mi jie mei!"
"Ni hao, ni zhu zai san lou ma?"
"Wo zhu zai ba lou. Wo yao qu ni men de jiao hui!"
"OH! HAO!! Wo men jin tian wan shang ke yi gen ni jian mian ma?"
"Ru guo bu shi tai bu fang bian de hua jiu ke yi!"
"Dang ran shibian! 6:30 keyi ma?"
"Hao, wo hui qing nimen chi fan. Ni xi huan chi shen me?" ......
I hope that all made sense :P  ...Isn't that so cool?? Basically a super golden person just called us and is really excited to meet us tonight, feed us dinner, come to church and get baptized. Heavenly Father loves us so much here! It's seriously like the promised land. :) Anyway, I just love being a missionary.
Love with all my heart,
A very happy missionary, Sister Morey :)

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