Monday, August 29, 2011

Notice the Difference in Her Smile!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the wonderful birthday package!!! Ok, so I didn't open any of the presents yet (of course I wouldn't, you know me), but it made my day so joyful just to see all those happy, colorful, carefully wrapped gifts from my family. I can't wait for my birthday!! :D

It sounds like this was a great week for all of you back home! With starting high school and seminary, getting a motorcycle, thinking of changing majors and getting great grades in college classes! I'm glad you all are having such a great time. So, what is the heat like, if it's record breaking? We're in the middle of a huge typhoon here... what fun! Luckily every time we've needed to be outside yesterday and this morning it hasn't been raining, but I'm looking outside the window and we might not be so lucky when we're done emailing! It's completely dumping outside. We might have to stay in our apartments tonight or tomorrow, depending on how bad it gets, but we're going to do all we can to stay outside!!

This week was pretty crazy stepping up to the role as senior companion. On Tuesday right before district training meeting we were eating lunch at Zhuang jiemei's shop (our recent convert) and when we were trying to rush out to get to our meeting I couldn't find my keys! I was so frantic and was thinking, "No, this is NOT the time to lose my keys, not when it's making us late to DTM as my first full day as senior companion!" I wanted to call the zone leaders to tell them we'd be late but I was so frazzled that I accidentally called the Assistants instead, which made me even more frazzled that I couldn't even call the right people! But luckily I found the keys right after that, and it turns out they were just in the bottom of my bag... but it didn't help that I had switched to a new bag that I was still getting used to. Ahhhh!

Everyone was so nice about it when we got there though, especially Sister Cooper. Afterwards when we were talking about it I asked, "How can you be a space cadet and senior at the same time?!" Sister Cooper just held up her companion's "dongxi" bag (a little bag with all the proselyting materials in it) and she didn't have to say anything because I knew that earlier that morning she and her companion had to retrack all their steps from the day before because they thought Sister Sterling's dongxi bag was lost but it turns out that it was in Sister Cooper's bag all along. We just laughed together and I was comforted to know that some of the best senior companions I know still have their "spacey" moments. I guess I'll fit right in. :)

The biggest miracle and best part of the week was helping sweet, little Ji En get baptized. It was the sweetest thing this week as we met with her and asked why she wanted to get baptized. She said, "because I want to get rid of all the things I've done wrong." I was so touched by the faith of this little 9-year-old girl. We've been working with her family for a few months now, and it's been incredible to see the transformation of her mom and her as they've grown to love the Book of Mormon and as they've seen their prayers get answered in miraculous ways. I don't know if there's ever been a time where I've seen the difference more clearly. Her mom has incredible faith as well, but is facing some challenges with her husband. Even though he's a very good Christian man, he's having a hard time with their conversion because he thinks they're jumping into it too quickly. But that's just the power of the Spirit in conversion! We're praying very hard for him to soften his heart, especially so the mom can get baptized as well.

It was one of the most tender baptismal services I've ever seen, and it was even more special because President and Sister Bishop walked down the stairs to attend the baptism right when we were taking pictures, and we had no idea they were even on this side of the island! It was such a tender mercy, and Ji en was pretty excited to take pictures with them :)

The best part of the whole evening was seeing the change in Ji en before and after her baptism. Notice the difference between her smile before the baptism and right after. I've never seen her smile so big the entire time I've known her! She just couldn't stop smiling and she was sooooo incredibly happy! That is what happens when someone is truly converted and they receive the ordinances of the Priesthood. I just LOVE being a missionary and being able to be a part of it all! What a wonderful blessing!

What topped off the day was walking out of the bathroom after the baptismal service and running into Sister Watson!!! I smiled so big and ran to give her a hug, and not a moment later, President Watson walked up behind me! I had no idea they were in the chapel! What a joyful reunion, and even though it was only a few minutes, at least it was better than the last mission meeting when I basically only got to say hello and shake their hands! Anyway, Sister Watson said to remind you, mom, that she wants my address or something... I didn't really get it cuz they had to run off, but she wanted you to write her, even though she's as bad as ever at replying :P

So anyway, my time is up, but I wanted to say how wonderful it is to be a missionary and the Lord is just pouring out blessings and tender mercies. I know the Lord lives and loves me, as well as the people here in Taiwan.

All my love,
Sister Morey

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