Sunday, February 13, 2011

My First Transfer in Taiwan

Hello my awesome family!!
This week has been awesome! I got to go on Sister Exchanges with Sister Howard and we had so much fun. She taught me a lot and perhaps changed my whole mission from the things she helped me with. What a blessing it is to serve with such incredible people.
I had a few special experiences this week. The morning that we were returning from Sister exchanges we met with a mom and her two daughters for the first time. Little did we know they were going to be a golden family. The mom was so prepared it was crazy. She asked all the right questions and really had a desire to learn, as well as the discipline/care for her children to help them learn too. The special part was when we taught them about Joseph Smith. I have heard SO many times that reciting Joseph Smith's First Vision can be the most powerful part of the lesson, but I had never felt that before, and I've always had a desire to feel it like that. Heavenly Father loves me--I know that-- and this time as I recited Joseph Smiths First Vision to this humble family, the Spirit washed over me and brought me to tears. Even though I've known for a long time that Joseph Smith was a prophet of the restoration, that was a special experience where I felt it with all my heart. I KNOW that without a doubt now, and Heavenly Father will give a witness to anyone who asks and persists in faith.
The other happy thing is that we have an investigator getting baptized this Saturday!! We've worked so hard for her, and it's such a blessing to see that miracles really DO happen, and the Lord answers people's sincere prayers. Hong Zi Yan is a wonderful sister who has been Christan for a long time. She had questions about authority and baptism, etc, but it's been incredible to see her humility in finding out for herself that the Restored Gospel is the Lord's one and only true church established here on the earth, with the fullness of God's blessings! When we called her on Friday morning to check up on her she said, "I've been preparing for my test!" Sister Weinheimer asked, "What test?" and she said, "you know, my baptism test!" We're all so happy to say she passed her baptismal interview :)
Guess what? I'm moving today to a new area! I'll be serving in DongHai with Sister Chu, who was actually the Sister that was with me on Dan Jones night. I'm going to be with a NATIVE!! Wahooey! I'm so excited for my Chinese to explode :) It was crazy to hear that I was moving since I've only been in my area for 2 months, but I'm excited for the adventure. President Palmer (Mission President in Idaho) said that when you leave an area you should want to cry because that means you've put your heart into it. And I must say, I want to cry! But I have every confidence that Sister Weinheimer, her new companion, and the Lord will take good care of NanTun. I LOVE being a missionary.
Well, I've gotta go move now :) But I love you all SOOOO much. Thanks for all your love, support and prayers. They've been holding the mail because of transfers, but I think there will be a host of them waiting for me since I haven't gotten your letters that you sent 2 weeks ago yet. But I know they'll get here eventually! Oh, by the way, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!
Love you all with all my heart!
Sister Morey <3

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