Monday, February 21, 2011

Sharks and Stinky Tofu!

Oh my goodness, I LOVE being a missionary!! I've never felt so much opposition in my life before, but there's nothing the Lord can't overcome. I've been learning a lot about that lately. It's always Him that helps me fight the battle and helps me win each time.

So, my worst fear about serving a mission in Taiwan has happened... a member took us out to eat chou doufu!! AHHHH! One of my first days in Taiwan Sister Weinheimer and I were riding down a street and there was a really rank smell that I thought for sure was a public bathroom gone rancid. Without knowing what I was thinking, Sister Weinheimer yelled from her bike in front, "By the way, that was stinky toufu!" I just about died... I yelled back, "Are you serious?! I thought that was a bathroom!" We both laughed, but in my mind I was NOT looking forward to the day when I had to eat it. This week one of our new members asked if I had eaten it before, and of course when I said no, they took me to eat it. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I thought! As long as I didn't breathe through my nose or think too hard about it, I got it down to my stomach :P Oh, and I got to eat shark today. Kinda like a mix between tuna and pork. I just love Taiwan :)

I thought this week that I'd share some of the small things that have brought me joy, since it's usually the big experiences I write about.
  • Getting the AWESOME Valentines package Mom sent me because she knew exactly what would make a holiday special for me--sharing it with others! I actually got it last Monday on move-call day so I got to share it with the whole mission office, as well as write some cute cards to people. Thanks mom :)
  • I also got a package from Sister Chiles with my favorite soap (sneaky, Mom!) AND fajita flavoring, refried beans and tortillas!! :D YAY for a special meal!!
  • Yesterday when we were meeting with the Peng Family (who will be getting baptized next week!!) we were trying to keep their 4-year-old boy pre-occupied so his mom wrote "Jesus Christ" both in English and in Chinese on the whoteboard for him to copy. It was SO cute to watch him copy the characters so carefully, and even with (mostly) correct stroke order! He's a brilliant little kid, seriously. Then, afterwards I asked him if we could sing a song together. But since he didn't know the tune, he just read the words of "I Am A Child of God" and made up his own tune, pausing occationally for me to fill in the words he couldn't read :) That DEFINITELY brought a smile to my heart.
  • I found out the Chinese name of my most favorite flower... yep, I have a new one! Well, at least it's my most favorite scent in the world! It's called gui(4)hua(1)... and I think it's called a laurel flower in English, but I'm really not sure. Anyway, it's a tiny white flower that grows on trees and bushes, and luckily, they're ALL over Taiwan, so I catch their scent often. It always brings a smile to my face, and if I get the chance, I stop to smell them up close :)
Thank you SO much for your letters. Yes, I've been getting them... they're starting to catch up to me now :) I love you all TONS!!!!

Sister Morey

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